About Us


Hi There! My name is M’Liss


    I rent out my and my mom’s house in the beautiful Marathon, Florida. I lived in the keys for 6 years as a marine biologist, then met my husband who dragged me (kicking and screaming) to Montana to pursue his dream career with the Department of Agriculture and hunting bull elk. I rent our houses out so we can keep them to take family vacations together, and me and my husband would love to retire in sunny beautiful paradise when we are wrinkly and grey. Something about dying together holding pina coladas in the sun really warms my heart.
    I am honored to be able to help people make lifelong memories with their families at our houses. It warms my heart when people are spending anniversaries, birthdays, or just precious quiet time at our houses, and I know they’ll look back on that time with their loved ones fondly at our beautiful, quaint houses. It warms my heart that we can be a part of that. 
   If you have any questions, need some pointers or advice, want to chat about fishing, just drop me a line! I'm here to help! 
-M’Liss Bordelon
Owner Operator
Keys Bungalows