House Manual

Proceeding to book the house means you agree to these terms

The pipes in the are sensitive so please ONLY flush the provided toilet paper. NO sand/coffee grinds/grease/wet wipes/feminine products/hair or anything else that seems sketchy down the drains. We provide 2 rolls of toilet paper. If you need to purchase more toilet paper use Scott brand only. There will be a system failure in the case that anything else is flushed down the toilet, and you will have to pay for repairs. 

Guests are supplied with a starter pack of toilet paper and paper towels, any need after that needs to be bought by guest.

Guests supply their own charcoal for the grill and will be responsible for cleaning it after use. If you don't clean the grill your security deposit will be docked. 

Early Check in: IF early check in is available, there is a 2 hour grace period for free early check-in, then $10 per hour before 2pm. This is to make up for utilities usage, wear and tear, etc. I can usually only say for sure if early check in is possible if the house is not booked the day prior to the reservation. With same-day check in and out the housekeeper usually needs every minute so it isn't possible. Please contact me if you're looking for early check in and I'll see if we can make it happen!

Please remember to be mindful that it's a quiet neighborhood, and to keep your vehicles and/or boats on your half of the property only. If you need a refresher of the house rules please revisit the renter's agreement before arriving. Per the city, quiet hours are 10pm-7am. 

If you're fishing: it is illegal to throw carcasses in canals. They can kill pelicans by puncturing their trachea. Please throw all carcasses in the trash can (with lids on). PLEASE know your regulations and get your licenses before heading out to fish! FWC is always on the water looking. We have an extremely delicate ecosystem in the keys and the rules are in place for a reason. If you're unfamiliar with the waters please do yourself a favor and go slow if you're not in a main channel. The water can go from 30' to flats in seconds and can be very dangerous. 

If you're kayaking:  unless you are familiar with reading the tides please don't attempt to launch from the dock. If you come back during low tide you will have a hell of a time trying to get back up. Easy during high tide though. The closest launch point is Sombrero Beach. They have a really nice kayak launch area at the far end of the beach (as you drive down). FWC says that each adult must have a life jacket on the vessel while they are kayaking. You don't have to wear it but it does need to be present. It's quite a haul if you plan on going down Sister's Creek so be sure to pack snacks and water. 

The bug guy and/or landscaper may come by to do their thing while you're there. Your cooperation with them is appreciated so we can maintain the grounds to keep it nice for everyone.

There is a wifi tether plugged into the wall of the larger bedroom. PLEASE keep this plugged in the wall! I have it set up for functionality of the security cameras up front, so I can make sure nobody is having a rager at the house or trucking in hookers. Just leave it plugged in for my peace of mind, please and thanks.

Trash pick up is Monday and Friday. Leave the cans on the curb with lids on the night before and please take them up the driveway in the morning. Code enforcement is very particular about the cans for whatever reason. Recycling picks up on Wednesday. They will not pick up recycling if there is a plastic bag or regular trash in the recycling so please make sure everything is sorted properly to avoid a headache for the next guests. Per city ordinance quiet hours are 10pm-7am.