Things to do

Things to do in and around Marathon!

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Go to the Beach

Sombrero Beach

Bahia Honda Beach

Ft Zachary Taylor (Key West)



Recommended Charter Boats:

  • Sea Dog Charters- good for family friendly/beginner. Plenty of instruction and action. Shared charter with strangers but good if you don't want to pay private charter costs. Plenty of space for the kids to relax if they get board. Approx 15 people per boat. Based out of Marathon.
  • Marathon Lady- the only headboat in Marathon, consistent action, inexpensive, little kid friendly. Approx 55 people per boat. You won't pull up monsters but it's a good deal for a day of entertainment.
  • Kevin Johnsen- Family fun/Patch Reef Yellowtail/Porgy/Cruise/Spearfish/combo private charter trips. Customize it to your needs, you'll always have a great trip. You'll definitely leave with dinner and have a great day on the water. He's really great about instruction if you're a newbie. Marathon based
  • Catchalottafish Charters- amazing for full day/deep and blue water. Not for inexperienced anglers, amazing opportunity if you are though. His speciality is Sailfin and Blackfin Tuna. He's based out of Worldwide Sportsman in Islamorada. Book early.
  • Chuck Donney- Tails2Sails Charters in Key West. This guy a VERY talented fishermen and will give you a run for your money. He'll also customize trips to include spearfishing, snorkeling, beach sitting or whatever else you want. I've seen him pull up some absolute monsters on his boat. Mainly huge Snapper and Grouper. Fair warning- he is a sailor by every stretch of the imagination, and rated R language is involved. He's kind of better suited for people that are a little more "fun". Can be offensive to those that are easily offended. Leave the kids at home for this one, but he will put on an amazing, memorable trip. and make sure you tell him M'Liss sent you! 
  • If you want to do some fun fishing as an activity but maybe don't want to shell out for a boat, you can fish off the dock or off of a bridge. Just get some shrimp or small cut squid. Don't forget to get your fishing license from the bait shop. Beware of the teeth on a grey snapper. They're called SNAPper for a reason!
  • Vacation Boat Rentals is 2 canals away from our house, so that's usually where I point people for rentals. I couldn't tell you what the pricing structure is, but I know they have a good reputation. 

Visit Key West

  • The Ernest Hemingway House
  • Mel Fisher Museum 
  • Historic Key West Seaport
  • Conch Train 
  • Shipwreck Museum 
  • Walking Ghost Tour

Kid Friendly Activities

  • Turtle Hospital
  • Dolphin Research Center
  • Aquarium Encounters
  • Butterfly Conservatory (Key West)

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

  • Starfish Snorkel to Sombrero Reef
  • Looe Key Reef Resort to Looe Key Reef
  • Dive Islamorada to deeper, gorgeous wreck dives like The Eagle
  • There are plenty of easy shallow patch reefs in about 30' of water if you have a boat. Just look down, and you'll see them.